It all started by writing one song for one soon-to-be-born baby. And friends kept having babies. So I kept writing songs – songs with two recurring themes:

1) I pray that you are rooted deeply in the love that God has for you

2) I pray that you are confident in that love to fly as high as your dare

I don't have kids. But so many of my friends have children I adore or were getting pregnant and, so I kept writing songs with their individual children in mind. After writing over a dozen lullabies, there are enough to put them all together in a playlist for little joy-bringers and warriors.

During this season, my heart peeked into this vast treasury of God's premeditated, enormous zeroed-in adoration and enthusiastic provision for each individual child. Glimpsing the depth of that love for each newly created being, I'm compelled that these songs are meant for more than just the handful of children I know.  These melodies were meant for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and families-in-love as well.

The lyrics of these lullabies pack the incorruptibility of God's promises and introduce children to His kind intentions toward them. Blending peaceful melodies, live instrumentation and skillful production, the ROOTS & WINGS lullaby project is meant to build a foundation for littles to know they are thoroughly loved and they can be confident and courageous in life's adventures.

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